What’s your biggest guitar issue?


This is a call for submissions!

One aim of my blog is to offer guitar & music-related advice and for the next few posts, I’d like to pass the power in dictating the topic of discussion to YOU. So tell me: what is the is the biggest issue you face in learning the guitar?

I’m happy to examine any relevant queries which have been bugging you. They could be technical (finger tapping, getting the right tone out of an amp), or more vague (who do you feel the best guitarists to listen to when learning Afro-Cuban jazz, etc). You might want to ask about bass guitar, ukulele or band performance/management in general. Feel free!

You can message me here, leave a comment in this post, or drop me a DM/tweet via my Twitter account: @tim_guitarist.

I look forward to hearing from you & talking your queries over the next few weeks!

Tim x


10 thoughts on “What’s your biggest guitar issue?

  1. Mams

    Not having enough guitars.. I only got three..
    Jokes aside, I usually have problems recording/mixing my classical guitar. I use a dynamic mic & Focusrite 2i2 paired with Ableton. How should I point the mic..? Or how should I EQ it, or any other effect.

    1. timguitar Post author

      Hey there! Excellent question! Quick answer is to point two mics at the 12th fret & the body (the fattest bit) of the guitar…
      However, as promised in my blog, I will confer with a few sound engineer friends of mine and present a more comprehensive guide (with a few alternative options) in the next few weeks…
      Tim x

      1. Mams

        Thanks.. Small problem though- I only got one mic.. Anyways a pictures of the setup would be very helpful as it does get kinda confusing with words.. Thanks again..

      1. wilforbis

        I was thinking a bit about it today and I think just putting the guitar down and tapping while holding a beat in your head is helpful. The goal is to really get a sense of what, say, quarter note triplets or 16th notes sound like.

  2. CandyLife

    My problem is that I have my mother’s hands (size wise that is). I’ve short fingers and find it hard to play chords correctly. πŸ˜•
    Oh well. ::shrug::


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