British Summer Time (BST). The clocks go forward

I’ve not long been back in from tonight’s gig, a wedding down in York’s historic & beautiful city centre, and just noticed that the time on my phone has automatically changed. I’m now an hour further into the future.

2017 is FLYING BY. Already it’s British Summer Time (BST) and the clocks go forward one hour – meaning you lose an hour’s sleep if you’re unfortunate enough to have something scheduled for your Sunday morning.

There’s a debate going on in this country (and indeed many others) about whether or not changing to BST is still as useful as it has been in the past. The main arguments are that it helps the farming community, and makes evenings a little lighter up in northern Scotland (and therefore safer for school children heading home). All I know is I’ll lose an extra hour (spent mainly swearing) attempting to alter the oven clock in the kitchen…

Anyway, time for bed for me, complete with a lie-in! Remember we get our ‘stolen’ hour back in the autumn when we return to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but until then, make the most of the hours you have available! x

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Guitarist, composer, music therapist and avid bibliophile. Providing an insight into my life as a professional musician, lessons learned as an allied health practitioner, as well as various musings on the world of music in general. Expect plenty of articles about music & wellbeing, classical guitar, jazz, world/roots genres, and all sorts of guitar-related chat.

10 thoughts on “British Summer Time (BST). The clocks go forward

  1. Haha, yes, nevermind the farming community what about us oven clock owners! My daughter was at a wedding yesterday at Alnwick. After the north east snow of Wednesday there’s been glorious sunshine. Maybe there’s something in this BST thing after all 🙂

      1. She did thanks Tim but I’m a bit nervous she and her boyfriend might be tempted to give this wedding day lark a go… 😉

      2. Boyfriend’s a smashing lad, Tim. No it’s the tight Yorkshireman in me that doesn’t want to put me hand too far in me pocket 🙂 (I’m hoping you offer discount to friends and followers…;) )

      3. For solo guitar? Actually I do, for during the service/day reception – so if it ever *does* happen, drop me a line via my Twitter or Facebook pages 😉 X

      4. Haha, I can hear the bride’s father bugging you about strumming patterns already 😉

    1. Philosophically, I think it’s in hibernation for the Summer (unlike most animals ha ha).
      Personally, living up in the north of England (not very far from the border to Scotland), I prefer having daylight for that little bit longer in an evening. But then, in a few more weeks the days will be so much longer that it makes little difference x

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