Reblog: My TEDx Talk

Great TEDx talk by Erin Seibert from November 2015. A must to watch for those looking to better understand exactly what music therapy is.

I’m happy to announce that in November of 2015, I had the opportunity to give a talk at a local TEDx event. If you had asked me previous to the experience if I ever thought I would give a TED talk, I would have said, “Ha, sure; maybe in 20 years”. I entirely have my husband to thank (blame) for this opportunity as he was the one who saw the initial flyers advertising applications and who believed that I had something interesting to share with the community, and ultimately, the internet world.

TEDx events are smaller, independently run, versions of a larger TED conference that is held each year. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and the program runs with the intentions of spreading ideas. TEDx events are run by an independent organization at the local level to help create a “TED-like” community. The event that I participated in…

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Guitarist, composer, music therapist and avid bibliophile. Providing an insight into my life as a professional musician, lessons learned as an allied health practitioner, as well as various musings on the world of music in general. Expect plenty of articles about music & wellbeing, classical guitar, jazz, world/roots genres, and all sorts of guitar-related chat.

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